What's new in DS Server 1.1

DS Server 1.1 was released on June 7, 2021.

Below is a summary of the new and updated features.

  • New Adobe PDF endpoints
    A number of new Web API endpoints have been added to create and manipulate PDF documents.
  • Client-side packages
    New packages have been published to help with document processing and DS Server administration tasks.
  • Barcode generation
    DS Server 1.1 can be used to generate barcode images using Web API calls.
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Create PDF documents

Adobe PDF endpoints

Using the existing DocumentProcessing endpoints, documents can be converted to or created from MS Word to Adobe PDF by merging data into templates. MergeSettings can be used to specify specific document settings such as the author or the creation date.

In DS Server 1.1, a completely new namespace is available for the handling of PDF documents. The new endpoints can be used to create PDF documents, embed and extract embedded documents and to retrieve completed form fields.

Angular, React and NuGet packages

New client-side packages

We released updated and completely new packages to provide easy access to the DS Server 1.1 endpoints. The DocumentProcessing package is now available for Angular to create documents directly from Angular applications.

Additionally, an Admin NuGet package has been released to maintain the DS Server installation. This package can be used to license DS Server and to maintain the security profiles programmatically.

Create barcode images

Barcode generation

In today's processes, barcodes are included everywhere: Invoices, delivery notes or boarding passes. Barcodes are used to store digital data on paper that can be acquired easily for further processing using laser-based scanners, cameras or mobile phones.

DS Server 1.1 is able to generate barcode images from input strings. 5 new endpoints allow the generation with proper text lengths and various settings.

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