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Bring document processing, editing, sharing, collaboration and creation to any app on any platform.

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What is DS Server?

DS Server is your own backend server that enables you to integrate professional Document Services into your applications.

DocumentProcessing web API

Create documents

With DS Server, you create pixel-perfect documents from MS Word templates from any app in any platform.

The high-performance and secure DocumentProcessing Web API is used to merge MS Word compatible templates with JSON data to create invoices, contracts, quotes or any other document for your business workflows.

MS Word compatible DocumentEditor

Edit documents

Integrate professional document editing and reporting into your web application. Provide your users an MS Word compatible document editor and a lightweight document viewer. Merge data into MS Word templates and create Adobe PDF documents programmatically using a powerful document backend API.

Whether you are looking for a rich text editor or a fully-blown document editor - with the DS Server you integrate the most sophisticated, high-performance and professional document editor for web applications.

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Cross-browser DocumentViewer

Share documents

The lightweight DocumentViewer provides an easy way to display documents and to navigate around a document within any device.

It provides a fully-featured, responsive and mobile-friendly interface to select text for clipboard actions, to search text, a thumbnail side-bar view and a toolbar for typical tasks. Increase the process productivity and let your users sign documents online.

Integrate document collaboration into your applications by adding the annotations and comments features of the DocumentViewer.

How does it work?

DS Server is an on-premise server software that runs on your infrastructure and provides the backend for document processing tasks.

By creating OAuth security profiles for your web applications, you can access the document services securely.

Example: The following code shows how to embed the Angular DocumentEditor into the component.html view code:

<tx-ds-document-editor width="1000px" height="500px"

Integrated security server

OAuth security

DS Server can be easily deployed to your on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Once installed, you can use the full TX Text Control document processing technology with your own hosted backend server.

The integrated security, based on the industry-standard OAuth, allows you a secure usage of document editing and processing functionality in all of your web applications.

Client-side library packages

Ready-to-use packages

The UI components DocumentEditor and DocumentViewer can be accessed from vanilla JavaScript or by using the available client-side libraries.

DS Server provides a variety of client-side libraries that can be directly connected to DS Server. They are designed to work seamlessly with DS Server using the integrated OAuth authorization. These libraries implement the client-side OAuth workflow implicitly and can request tokens automatically.

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Docker container

Docker container

Easy deployment

DS Server can be easily deployed using Docker containers. All administration tasks can be accessed programmatically including adding or cloning OAuth security profiles.

The DS Server Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run DS Server: Code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings.

Create a fully functional DS Server installation within minutes.

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