Whether you want to automate the creation of pixel-perfect Adobe PDF documents or integrate document editing into your applications.

DS Server provides a powerful toolset for all document processing tasks.

DS Server editor
DS Server waves
DS Server editor

Edit documents in any browser

MS Word inspired editor

Integrate a fully featured, WYSIWYG editor into your web applications and give your users the look & feel they expect.

The editor comes with a fully-featured ribbon UI for the most typical formatting and editing functionality. Additionally, sophisticated document features, such as track changes and per user document protection, come with dedicated sidebars and dialog boxes to guide users easily.

Powerful reporting functionality

Merge JSON data into templates

The document editor combines the power of a reporting tool, and an easy-to-use word processor.

It comes with out-of-the-box functionality to create templates that are compatible with the DocumentProcessing reporting engine. Ready-to-use dialog boxes and ribbon tabs are included to insert merge blocks, merge fields and to add sorting and filtering options.

DS Server editor
DS Server waves
DS Server editor

MS Word compatible track changes

Document collaboration

The redlining feature is very helpful when working on the same document with multiple authors specifically with legal and healthcare documents where changes need to be tracked and safely logged.

JavaScript API

Using the fully-featured JavaScript API, it is possible to manipulate the document, load data sources, set and load text into the current selection, retrieve document text parts or set control colors using functions and properties.

The complete document, including all elements, such as tables, images and paragraphs is accessible through API calls that enables document manipulation of all elements within a document.

Example: The following JavaScript code inserts a form text field into a document:

var length = 1000; // twips

function addTextFormField() {
    TXTextControl.formFields.getCanAdd(canAdd => {
        if (canAdd) {
            // Add form field

Share documents

Lightweight document viewer

Share documents in your application using a lightweight document viewer that provides advanced features such as text search, zooming and printing.

Integrate collaboration processes by adding annotations and comments to documents.

DS Server document viewer
DS Server e-sign

Adding e-signing features

Electronic signatures

Increase the process productivity and let your users sign documents online. An electronic signature is in many processes legally sufficient to prove an identity. The DocumentViewer integrates a JavaScript signature pad to electronically sign documents.


The DocumentProcessing Web API gives access to powerful document processing capabilities such as document conversion, thumbnail generation or mail merge functionality to create Adobe PDF documents by merging JSON data into document templates.

Example: The following C# code creates thumbnail images from an MS Word Office Open XML document:

private static readonly DocumentProcessing s_dp;

var os = new OAuthSettings(

s_dp = new DocumentProcessing(
    "https://dsserver.textcontrol.com/DocumentServices", os);

string rootPath = env.ContentRootPath;
string docFilePath = Path.Combine(
    rootPath, "App_Data/invoice.docx");

m_invoice = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(docFilePath);

var thumbnails = await s_dp.Thumbnails(m_invoice, 50);

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